Our Industry


Our belief is that as long as we are committed and honest with our customers, we will be more successful and achieve our goals.

Easily Achievable

Because we care about our customers, we are ready all the time to hear from them. Compliments, complaints, advice.....etc., transparency is always required in every step through our work to make sure we're on the correct path.


We co-operate with our customers in creating audacious flavors, also we ask them for their opinions and suggestions to help other customers in experience flavors and advise them which of our products the best is.

Exclusive flavors

We're looking for making exclusive flavors without any competitor. That will make our flavors unique for customers.


With our people, we succeed. They all fit the place they're in, walking step by step through every department in making our products.


The process of manufacturing tobacco-molasses goes through many departments in our factory on our expert’s hands. Briefly, it starts by picking up the tobacco leaves carefully and removing any undesired parts. These leaves are cut into tiny pieces then mixed with other ingredients to result in an individual and smooth mixture.


Sales and Customer Service

We have responsive regional sales and customer service teams to meet your needs around the globe.
These teams are in place to provide product, commercial and support; listen and respond to your requests and concerns; and ensure satisfaction with our products.