About Us

What’s Majalis?

Majalis is a Jordanian brand of hookah tobacco, currently owned and manufactured by Al-Amer Tobacco Industry & Trade Co.

Majalis Tobacco is made from tobacco, selected according to specific blends and leaf grades to maintain the consistency and distinctive character of each flavor. Tobacco is produced in our factory in Jordan by processing the tobacco leaf, preparing the tobacco flavors, and preparing the final pack.
The finished pack is wrapped with protective film, which also serves to preserve the tobacco flavor taste. The packs are placed in cartons and placed into a master case for shipment.
The manufacturing of tobacco requires careful supervision by our factory workers.
Quality assurance of the final Majalis tobacco product can never be left solely to machines.


We use the best ingredients to serve the most tasteful tobacco-molasses.


Majalis provides the best tobacco-molasses cocktails for you every sip of the way.


Here are the best tools serving you to enjoy your time with friends and family.


you're a part of our innovation, click here to suggest us new flavors you'd like to try.

Our goals.

- To grow our tobacco-molasses industry.
- To be more specialized, because the more we're specialized in our service and industry, the more we satisfy our customers.
- We're looking for customers who love to contact us for their opinions or pieces of advice that will help us in developing our business on the correct path.
- Develop our products in a way makes us preferable on any competitors.
- Provide the best and the easiest ways for selling and exporting our products internationally and locally.

Essential values.

Because our customers are our identity and family we continuously go farther than taste to serve their satisfaction by our best qualified and safe products. The essence of our role is to enhance the comfort, joy, excellence and gladness for our consumers and customers.

Product Safety

Launching a safe and trusted grid, Majalis preserve a global production system that instructs imperative standards for our productions locally and internationally. Our approach to monitoring production operation ensures the safety we guarantee. We evaluate manufacturing process, utilize, treatment, finishing, systems and practices continuously.

Quality and control

At Majalis we always look for delivering constant product quality that meets customers’ desires, requires qualifications and performance standards and to take in consideration the changeable tastes and desires.